Benefits Appeal

If your attempt(s) at receiving unemployment compensation were denied, and you feel wrongly so, you are legally entitled to an appeal. When the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry have made their unemployment compensation eligibility determination, both the employee and former employer will be sent a copy of the notice of determination. If once receiving this decision, either party is aggrieved, they may request a hearing before the Unemployment Compensation Appeals Referee by appealing the state's denial of UC benefits within 15 days of the mailing date of determination.

Any failure to file your appeal within the designated timeframe as laid out by the rules and regulations of the state of Pennsylvania ultimately will result in the notice of determination becoming final.

How to Appeal
Should you decide to go forward with your appeal with a determination issued by the unemployment compensation authorities, you can file your appeal either by mail, utilizing the Appeal Form UC-46 or a letter. Additionally, the option of faxing your appeal form/letter is also a choice that is offered to you if you would prefer. Furthermore, appeals of an unemployment compensation decision can also be filed by email at L& (Warning: Information may not be secure by e-mail).